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By Damilola Faustino

Jose Mourinho hates to lose.

Jose Mourinho

So, his Manchester United team were defeated by newly promoted Huddersfield Town 2 goals to 1 and after the defeat, Mourinho came for his players saying: “I have never seen my players have such a poor attitude – they should all explain themselves.”

“I heard that Ander Herrera is in interviews and he is saying that the attitude and the desire was poor,” Mourinho said. “My God. When a player says that and feels that, I think they should all go to the press conference and explain why because I can’t explain that.”

“The defeat was on attitude. When I lose matches I like to lose because the opponent was better than us, had more quality than us. When you lose matches because of attitude, that’s really bad.”

David Wagner, the manager of Huddersfield Town said: “This is a very, very proud moment. We altogether know how huge this win is for Huddersfield Town.

“I have not only enjoyed the result but I have also enjoyed the performances the players have shown. Not only today but especially today.

“I said I cannot expect a result. I hope and I believed in a result but I did not expect it. What I expected was togetherness, spirit, attitude and that we make it uncomfortable for them. We created some good moments, we scored goals.”

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