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Nigerians went ballistic when American singer, Keri Hilson tweeted ahead of her visit to Lagos in May last year. telling her fans she was looking forward to tasting Jollof again.


They were excited that they have an endorsement for Nigerian jollof rice which has gained significant popularity globally.

The recognition did not end with Hilson. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg also gave his approval to Nigerian Jollof. Mark said this when he visited Nigeria last year.

However, Ghanaians were not happy with the endorsement of Nigerian Jollof, stemming from an ongoing rivalry between Nigerian Jollof and Ghanaian Jollof. The dramatic question is: which country cooks the best Jollof?


This Jollof ego got to a level whereby a Ghanaian musician, named Sister Deborah, had to release a diss song titled Ghana Jollof to praise and exalt Ghanaian Jollof as the best.


This rivalry was the part reason why 22nd August of every year was declared World Jollof Rice Day. The first World Jollof Day was celebrated in 2015.


However, it seems Ghanaians scored one over Nigerians in the Jollof war as a 2013 poll showed that Jollof rice was invented in Ghana, 23% said it was in Senegal, 21% said it was in Nigeria, 12% said it was in Botswana and 5% said it was in Cameroon.

Regardless of whether Jollof was invented in Nigeria or not, it doesn’t matter. Nigerians are proud of their Jollof.

So why the fuss about Nigerian Jollof? Well, it is in the taste. The taste of Nigerian Jollof, replete with spices and chicken, is out of this world. When you finish eating, you will lick your fingers.


In addition, the decoration of the Jollof rice at the point of serving, will activate your hunger pangs.

When something is very good, you can make iyanga about it. Thus, the noise about Jollof. For our Ghanaian brothers and sisters, they should take the backseat as Nigerian Jollof has taken over.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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