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Is this turning into a religious fight? We hope not.

It has been reported that, a week after the Kaduna government prohibited religious processions by the Shiites group, and a day after the standoff between soldiers and members of the Islamic group, some angry youth in Tudun Wada, Kaduna, on Wednesday morning, flooded the home of Mukhtar Sahabi (a.k.a governor), a leader of the Shi’a Islamic sect. along Zango road.

They attacked some members of the sect. residing in the house and set it ablaze.

A witness confirmed that before security operatives could arrive, the youth believed to be residents of the area had dispersed.

An unnamed resident told Premium Times correspondence that they worry over the activities of the group, because they always gather every evening in Mr. Sahabi’s house singing hate songs against the governor of the state, Buhari and even non-shiite members.

It was also reported that attack on the sect. had spread to Kano, Sokoto and Katsina.


The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Alkasim Sunusi stated  at a news conference that hoodlums killed a shi’ite member in Sokoto. He also stated that the sect  attacked members of the public at Tamaje area of Sokoto. One person was arrested with a cutlass.


In Funtua, Katsina state, its reported that the police also confirmed death of atleast three persons during the clash. The Commissioner of Police said the retaliation by the police occured when the sect. attempted to burn the Police Area Commander’s office during the procession and opened fire on the police. Dane guns, sticks and cutlasses were recovered.


In Kano state, it was reported that, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) procession was disrupted by some angry youth in the Abbatoir area of Kofar Marzugal. A witness stated that the residents attacked the religious group and set fire on its elementary study center while another witness said it was the group that attacked the community during their procession.

Going by the different reports coming up, we cannot say for certain how many people were killed in the violent attacks, but the IMN released a statement late Wednesday stating that atleast 13 of its members were killed in the various clashes with the police and some hoodlums in Funtua, Sokoto and Kaduna.

Source: Premium Times, Thisday.

Written by Okolo Ezinne

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