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Music has been described as a healer by a lot of artistes, with some going as far as saying they were saved from death by music. Listeners have also constantly depicted music as a saving grace and an escape from the reality of the harshness of the world we live in.

For some people, music is just a tune to dance to. For some, it provides a safe space to reflect and think about life and the steps to take. While for some, it helps create memories with loved ones and lastly for a lot of others, it’s a medicine that heals what was broken.

Music in itself is healing, it’s an embodiment of expression which we might not be able to fully express. Every person can think about a song that triggers an emotional output. The song could remind you about the good time you were having during the summer, or the short period you recently enjoyed with a loved one. Sometimes, it brings about a sad period, perhaps the person that shared the song with you has passed away or you’ve just broken up communication. But at the end of the day, what’s certain is it will always trigger an emotion, cause there’s a unique connection between the body, mind and music.

Also, music has proven to help reduce stress, by triggering biochemical stress reducers. And it could also brighten up a mood by increasing the dopamine production in the body, which relieves feelings of anxiety and depression.
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Try to make it a habit of listening to more music and sharing more music with the people you love, as music helps create special memories and get listeners in a good mood by lifting up their spirits.

Bob Marley once sang: “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” Perhaps music is more than just sound, and it’s more of a medicine which a lot of people do not know they need.

By Muyiwa Aguda 

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