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Some celebrities may not be beefing, but they just don’t like each other. So welcome to the countdown of artists who may not be in a full fledged fued, but have been known to not care much for each other, despite the fact that they can make some total magic in the studio if they join forces.


7. Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj & J.LO

A song about: Men are scum, don’t trust them

These 3 powerful titans are mainly connected by Mariah Carey who was once asked about J.LO and she said ”I don’t know her”. And then while serving as a judge on the voice was always clashing with Nicki Minaj. As J.LO herself has taken very subliminal shots at Mariah like saying ”She is forgetful” she too must not be a big fan of the legendary RnB singer. Even though Nicki and Mariah have been on a song together, which was Mariah’s Up Out My Face, all 3 ladies need to put their distaste aside and give us a classic bop.



6. Jay Z & Chris Brown

A song about: Surviving fame and its plagues.

It is common knowledge that Hov is not a fan of Chris Breezy since he put hands on Rihanna. Reports stated that Jay Z was furious when he learned of the injuries Rihanna sustained and more claims came in alleging that Jay Z asked BET not to let Chris Brown perform at the 2009 awards, or he and Beyonce would not attend. But think about a Jay Z and Chris Breezy Feature. It could be a Hov track about modern day Hollywood and the social media pressure. Breezy could be on the hook, or also drop a verse about his own experiences, seeing as he has been known to bring the flames occasionally on verses.




5. 50Cent & P.Diddy

A song about: New York Kings Still Kicking It

With these 2, it is honestly 50Cent that is the troublemaker. In 50Cent’s days of promoting Effen Vodka, he would always shade Diddy with Ciroc and call it Puffy Juice. The one time 50 was on the breakfast club and said Diddy acts suspect, because Diddy saw him at a party and said he would take 50 shopping. To this Diddy replied on his own Breakfast club interview…..”i felt he needed clothes”. Now these 2 hard core New Yorkers would do great on a feature. Just a rich ni**as anthem about money, cars, mansions and lavish living.



4. Eminem & Christina Aguilera

A song about: Broken dreams

There was that one VMA awards that Christina presented to Eminem who had just. As he came up to receive the award, he did not give the customary hug to the presenter, to which the audience responded by booing. Of course the fued with the two artists reached its all time high when Em dissed Christina on his iconic single The Real Slim Shady. But now let us picture these 2 on a song. Imagine Eminem doing a slowed down verse on Christina’s ”Hurt”, or imagine Eminem’s Walk On Water or Love The Way You lie, but instead of Beyonce or Rihanna, he had Christina. With a voice like hers…….flames!!




3. Drake & Chris Brown

A song about:  BAD GIRLS!!!! (DUH)

They can both sing, they can both rap. Even though these two had an altercation in a club over Rihanna back in 2012, which was followed by Breezy dissing Drake on the remix of Chief Keef’s ”I Dont Like”, the 2 were pictured in a studio back in 2014 and all seemed well, untill again their names got tangled in social media gossip around Karrueche Tran. Another pair who may not be beefing, but may not particularly like each other. But all seems well now as we saw last month when Drizzy brought out Breezy at his concert. So now they need to do it for the culture. Drake takes a verse and does the hook, while Breezy does his verse, and takes his own part of the same hook. Finito!!



2. Kanye West & Taylor Swift

A song about: Mending toxic relationships, family feuds…or maybe America

First he ruined her big MTV moment, then they became friends years later, and then he ruined it again by calling her a bitch on his song. If Taylor got close enough to Kanye in 2016 she could have kicked him. But a track by both parties would be fire!! Imagine if that was Kanye on Taylor’s Bad Blood. Or imagine if that was her voice chanting away on Ye Vs The People!!!


1. 50Cent & Ja Rule

A song about: Running from the cops

This beef has run for over a decade. 50Cent for one is not tired of clowning Ja and Ja occasionally responds. Fat Joe apparently tried to get them both to perform at a show but did not succeed. Ja Rule also stated in an interview that people ask him why he and 50 have not done a reunion on stage just like Nas and Jigga did to squash their beef, to which Ja says he and 50 have never been friends so there is nothing to reunite. Now imagine 50 and Ja on a track about police oppression or juvenile days of felonies.


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