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Searching for a house in Lagos is a herculean task. If you are not careful, you will regret ever renting that place. This is not made easy by the greedy agents who are only interested in the money they want to make. To avoid falling prey to the shenanigans of agents and landlords, we share tips for house hunting in the centre of excellence.


— Get a place that your bae will happily visit

Wherever you want to rent, ensure that it is a place your bae will visit without any reservations. If the house is messed up, she may not even visit you at all. Before you rent a place, ask yourself, will my bae visit me here? Always have this at the back of your mind.

— Reject if you do not like it

The agents look for a place depending on your budget. Regardless, if you do not like the house, reject it outrightly. Do not allow the agent to sweet talk you because they are expert in doing that. You are the one staying in the house, not the agent. He will simply get paid and disappear.

— Never accept the first place you are taken

These agents have so many shitty houses that they themselves cannot even stay. The truth is never rent the first house you are taken. You should widen your options so that you can select the best.

— Negotiate the price agents offer to inspect a house

These agents are very covetous. If you are not careful, they will suck you dry and you will not still rent any house. They usually charge you just to take you to check a house. Some charge as much as N5,000 just for inspection. So, negotiate the amount they offer. After all, you may not like the house you are inspecting.

— Bargain the service charges

You should bargain the service charges like agency fees, utility fees, and caution fees among other fees. Try as much as possible to bargain for the best price.

— Pay the landlord, not the agent

When you finally get the house you like, you should not pay the agent. Rather, you should see the landlord, collect his account number and pay him. Do not pay the agent because he is not the owner of the house. This will help you avoid being defrauded.

— Finally, be patient

You do not rush when you are renting a house. You have to be very patient in your search. If you are not the agent will take advantage of you.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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