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By Chineze Ogugua

Napoli has placed a ban on the use of belts in the stadium.

Belt-waving Napoli hooligans wreaked havoc at a City pub before the first match between the two sides on October 17, which the home side won 2-1.

It is reported that travelling Manchester City supporters, staff and English media heading out to the Group F fixture might not be allowed to take the clothing item into the Stadio San Paolo.

The move comes after a Napoli supporter who has been sent to prison for five months for attacking City fans at a pub. He was part of a group of eight who went on the rampage in which a 17-year-old City fan was hit by a cosh and suffered a serious head injury.

This has not gone down well with Manchester City Supporters Club general secretary Kelvin Parker as he has branded the belt ban as ‘ridiculous’.

Manchester City will play Napoli in a Champions League encounter on Wednesday.

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