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By Damilola Faustino

Most people have some body odour. Sweaty underarms with a strong and bad odour even worse. It will be very embarrassing for you to go on a date with your loved one or attend a party at your friend’s house with unbearable smelly underarm. Although you can use deodorants, they are temporary solutions for this problem. Here are natural ways to get rid of underarm odor:

underarm odour

Drink more water

A common cause of body odour is not getting enough water into your body. As such, toxins are not flushed out of your body effectively. Staying hydrated will not cause you to swear more but will get rid of that body odour.

Use lime during bath

Apply lemon juice on the underarm areas 10 minutes before your bath or using some lemon juice during your bath helps get rid of body. The acidity in lemon juice helps you in staying fresh all day.

Avoid powders

Powders are widely known for blocking your armpits and restrict the flow of sweat glands. Using powder will only worsen the situation. Rather than using powder, it is best to simply keep the area clean.

Coconut oil

This oil has natural minerals that help fight odour. It is also a natural deodorant that helps to get rid of the smell. Simply apply coconut oil after bath and massage mildly into your underarm. Do not wash off.


Alum can also be used as a natural deodorant. Pour some water on a piece of alum. Rub it gently on your armpits for some time. It will get dry by itself.

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