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Written by Temilade Adeyinka

The beauty industry’s rekindled romance of all things ‘natural’ seems to be strongly working its way back into our hearts as well as beauty cabinets. Our daily routines have experienced somewhat of a revival, with the more traditional beauty products taking back their rightful positions on our shelves.

The iridescent glow we get from them drives us to believe that one thing is for certain: they produce results. Results that make you look, as well as feel the part.

This year, it’s been all about the natural skincare products. It’s been about working our regimens from the inside out and experiencing the benefits of going ‘back to the basics’. These products contain fewer chemicals, fewer artificial ingredients and more nutrients for our skin.

Contrary to popular belief, natural products don’t have to be as expensive as the big shelf brands. You can still get the million-dollar glow without spending the million-dollar money.

More and more inexpensive beauty hacks are coming out of the woodworks, allowing us to experience our beauty regimens in new and exciting ways. Not only are these products safer for our skin, they act as purifiers by purging the toxins from within the body that affect the skin.

This then gives it the long-lasting result as it filters out dirt from within as opposed to simply sweeping off impurities from the surface.

Here are great traditional beauty items that will leave your body singing you praise:

  1. Charcoal Soap

This soap contains activated charcoal, which is a processed form of carbon. Charcoal has the ability to draw out impurities, toxins and clogged pores. It also helps to remove detritus from the skin and extracts toxins beneath the surface, acting as a filter for the impurities. These impurities found beneath the skin are some of the reasons we experience those annoying breakouts and can help clear whiteheads. As charcoal soap can be a bit drying using once a day followed by a moisturizer should leave your skin smooth, clear and clean.

  1. Wooden Sponge

This sponge doubles up as both a sponge and an exfoliator. It helps buff away dead, flaky skin, giving way to brighter, healthy looking skin. Your skin looks healthier as exfoliating promotes the generation of new skin cells and accelerates cell turnover. As this sponge can be seen as an exfoliator it should be used in conjunction with a moisturizing soap, so that the skin is not stripped away of it’s natural moisture. Moving the sponge in circular motions around the body also helps boost blood circulation.

  1. Miswak (chewing stick)

The Miswak or popularly known as the ‘chewing stick’ is a traditional favorite and has been around for decades. It comes from the Salvadora persica and contains antibacterial properties found in toothpaste. The Bark contains other nutrients such as fluorine, silicon and vitamin C- all aiding enamel production as well as the strengthening of our gums. Using this can be a bit messy but it is relatively quick. All that is required is chewing about half an inch off bark from one end of the stick and discarding the remains when done. Every few days the exposed brittle should be cut off and peeled back before use.

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