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One of the Nigerian Rap music living legends, Ruggedman who happens the brain behind September 20 wears claims he would rather have a rap school as he has no intention of having a fashion school.




“The intention of having a fashion school? Oh that will be like a long time from now. What Ruggedman is trying to do now is build up the brand TSW. Make it a household name first. We have to have a CV and the experience first. If you want to talk about me forming a rap school, YES! I’m qualified. But the fashion school, nah! Not yet. I’m still building that for now.”

About media bias, He said;

“For as long as you have people who think differently, there’ll always be bias not only in journalism but in anything in life. But the thing about it is just try to walk with people work with you. If u grant an interview and the journalist prints something else, next time don’t grant the person an interview. Grant someone who is more professional to say exactly what you’re saying. That’s about it. There’ll always be bias in life. That one is for sure.”


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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