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Looks like 2019’s hottest new fashion trend is dressing up in anything neon green and we couldn’t be more obsessed with this craze. Apparently it was made popular by Kendall Jenner after she posted a series of photos of herself in various neon outfits, stating she’s ‘really into’ green, since then,  many fashion designers have jumped on the brightly colored bandwagon.
                                           Image of a girl wearing a neon green dress
Because neon is such a trendy color right now, it’s easy to find clothing in stores and online that feature this brightness.  If you’re not comfortable wearing an outfit that is fully neon green, opt instead for those pieces that have neon accents, such as neon stripes, neon laces, and neon stitching. This will have you looking fabulous in neon, but without giving yourself a shock when you look in the mirror.
You can also try neon accessories; shoes, bags, and pieces of jewelry are the best ways to add neon green into your outfit without going overboard. You can pick statement pieces and match them up with a simple and plain color palette so you can still have that pop of neon color.
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While neon green isn’t for everyone, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to look like a highlighter when you rock this look.

Of course, there might be people out there who want to fully embrace the neon look, and that’s totally cool. Buying neon dresses, shirts, and tops will add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe and give you the chance to take it up a notch. Looks like we have moved from “less is more,” to “the brighter the better”.  Here’s a few neon green outfits we totally love:

Image of a girl wearing a neon green outfit

Photo Credit: Desthydee

Image of a girl wearing a neon outfit
Photo Credit: Jazmine Elena
Image of someone wearing a neon green suitA
Photo Credit: Trop Belle Makeup
Image of a lady wearing a neon green print suit
Photo Credit: Lulu_eth
By: Dammy Eneli

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