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Never Forget To Apply Perfume Here

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If you thought you knew everything about how to choose and apply perfumes, think again!

As women and men, we use our fragrances to smell good, build character, make memories and attract partners.

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Head over to 13 Scents to figure out your unique fragrance, once you’ve figured out the scent for you, get into these guidelines below:

Apply perfume behind the ear

In case the area you find yourself is noisy and someone wants to whisper something to you, they are sure to get a lingering of your scent


Never Forget To Apply Perfume in the body’s crevices

Inside wrist and elbow for when someone kisses or shakes your hand , behind knee and if you’re extra like me, in the nether regions


Never Forget To Apply Perfume on the base of the throat

It may come as a shock but many find the base of the throat quite seductive. Also, if you spritz there it cascades around your upper body in a delicious envelope.


Try out these areas judiciously and let me know in the comments how you fair 🙂


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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