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Maki Oh has returned with nothing short of utter brilliance. EKAABO SILIU EKO! For those that don’t know what that means we’ll help you translate: WELCOME TO LAGOS.

If you think that you have seen every thing brand manager Maki Oh had to offer then think again as the creative director Amaka Osakwe’s SS17 collection is one of pure minimalism. A lot of Nigerian designers struggle with that (it’s not the average Nigerian’s strong suit tbh) but this is something the Maki Oh brand has been able to achieve effortlessly over the years. Her subtle use of the Yourba adore print and earthy tones of Nok Terracotta in her recent collection is simply genius.

However the Maki Oh SS17 assemblage isn’t for just anybody. Maki Oh caters to the high -rollers. As a society, Nigeria is know for its high rollers and for their lavish lifestyle, this being a constant peculiarity to the westerners – especially the Yourbas who are know for the parities called ‘owambe’. And it’s the people who live for these parties, the people who have cash to blow, the socialites of not just this country, but the world- those are who Maki Oh’s latest creations were made for.

Enough talk. Take a look at the gorgeous pieces:

mak1 mak2 mak3 mak4 mak5 mak6 mak7 mak8 mak9 mak10 mak11 mak12 mak13 mak14 mak15 mak16 mak17 mak18 mak23


Written by Tokyo James


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