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M.A.C Cosmetics, is not giving any chances this year as she pulls more weight in releasing different types of cosmetics for the makeup lovers.

Just last month the brand released new Extra Dimension Skin Finishes in three sparkly duo-chrome shades. There’s Show Gold, ‘a peach that breaks pink’, Double Gleam, beige that breaks silver’, Beaming Blush ‘a pink that breaks gold’ and Soft Frost ‘a white that breaks violet.’


And now the latest makeup game changer called Next To Nothing Foundation is out with its own uniqueness to pose a different style for makeup lovers and artists out there.

The brand’s new foundation named ‘Next to Nothing’ is for makeup lovers who still want to achieve a no makeup-makeup look.

According to Marie Claire, the beauty giant’s newest formulas are packed with nourishing ingredients and light-reflecting opalescent microspheres. Plus, they have hydrating properties that allow for the product to double as both a primer and foundation, using cutting-edge technology to help you nail the whole dewy, fresh-faced look.


Along with the Next to Nothing foundation, M.A.C is also dropping pressed powders that can be applied after the foundation for a lightweight, glowy finish.

The Next to Nothing foundation goes for $31 and Pressed Powders are $27, both come in nine different shades and are available in-store and online.

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