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What is happening around the world? What’s this red carpet fashion trend going on? Now see, this is a topic of debate everywhere, including right here in the Accelerate office.
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But I mean, there were days when we watched our A-list celebrities all dressed up and gracefully walking the red carpet. Even the Queen of England will be jealous with all the elegance and grace they share. Gone were the days when rep carpet moments was full of true beauty, smiles and subtle sexiness.

Gone are the days of these…..





These days we have net! Net dresses, nude looks, wanna-be-bad-girls. These celebrities forget they are watched by innocent children who crave daily to be like them. Is this the path they want these children to walk? I’m really confused on what fashion is turning out to be. I’m shocked at what the society is embracing from these celebrities.




The question is how will you feel when your children walk up the red dressed nude? Will you look back and say “yes my child, keep slaying” or will you be embarrassed at the tearful sight? What’s your take on red carpet fashion trends? This is my personal opinion oh! (And our Editor and Head of Fashion don’t agree with me at all!) What’s yours? Is it a Nay or Yay? Please send your thoughts below.

Written by Omoefe Ohworakpo

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