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We’ve had Instagram stories, Facebook stories, WhatsApp stories and Snapchat stories, but the latest addition is the YouTube stories.


YouTube is fiddling with the new initiative that it explains that it is supposed to “to make this experience better for both our creators and our viewers, so we’re spending some more time working on this feature before releasing it.”

Stories are short, mobile-only videos that allow you to connect with your audience more casually, on the go. Stories will expire after 7 days. They are currently in beta.

Here’s how YouTube stories work:

Create a story

  1. Sign in to YouTube and tap the camera .
  2. Tap Story .
  3. To record, hold the capture button .
  4. To take a photo, tap the capture button .
  5. You can also select a video or image from your mobile device to add to your story.

Stories can only be viewed on your mobile device using the YouTube app.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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