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Nicki Minaj has taken to social media to accuse her ex Meek Mill of physical abuse.

Minaj tweeted: “Nigga been tweeting bout my man for a year now. Talking bout he went to my page to see him but he was blocked. My nigga, move on. I know ya btch embarrassed. Shitted yaself in that store when u got pressed tho.”


According to reports, Minaj may have been set off by Meek’s public liking of a meme mocking her husband Kenneth Petty, though she quickly escalated things, taking to her Instagram story and writing “#TwitterFingers beats women, scared of men,” a reference to a tweet in her opening salvo referring to Mill with the sobriquet.

Mill responded quickly via Twitter, writing “The only way you can try to kill my career is to say I beat women … talk about ya brother convicted of rape and you know and paid for his lawyer … ya little brother touched that lil girl too! You know I know.”


Mill continued, “You sad you willing to crash your man because you losing now and everybody in the industry know you a bad person. You been knew your brother was raping that little girl that’s why I got away from you!”

Minaj’s reply was to clarify her accusations of abuse:

“You beat your own sister and taped it. Spit on her & taped it. Kicked me in front of your mother and sent her to the hospital.”


She also seemingly claimed that Mill is aware of extortion in her brother’s case: “You won’t tell ppl the mother is on tape asking me for $20 million to make the charge go away tho.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Mill continued: “You picked a great time to be saying I ever put my hands on you … ya bag getting low so you wanna destroy me.”

Mill’s final word on the matter, for the time being, appears to be this tweet: “For clarification I don’t hit women and I won’t let my interviews be filled with questions about her or any situation to do with her when I come out to do press for my new album!”

By: Damilola Faustino

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