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Nicki Minaj returned a celebrity episode of Queen Radio. The celebratory episode marks the one-year anniversary since the release of ‘Queen’ and the debut episode of Queen Radio. On this episode, the guest was none other than Joe Budden himself of the Joe Budden Podcast and co-hosts Rory and Mal.

During their conversation, the two were going back and forth about the perceived lies Budden has allegedly told about Minaj over the years. Suddenly, the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap unleashed a verbal warfare after Budden insinuated Nicki was a druggie. She ultimately cut off his microphone.

“Don’t say you ain’t never popped a pill,” he said in part.

Nicki screamed, “I never said that you dumb fuck! Cut his fucking mic since you wanna be dumb!”

Budden’s mic was then cut off, but the interview continued with Mal and Rory. “He’s so used to thinking he’s the smartest person in the room,” Nicki finished.

Following an interview with entertainer Ts Madison, Minaj confirmed that she would be marrying Kenneth “Zoo” Petty within the next 90 days.

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