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Hear their grievances: The Niger Delta Avengers have something to say.

They claim that lack of commitment by the Nigerian government is the reason for their renewed attacks on oil and gas installations in Nigeria.

They also claim that the continued military action in the Niger Delta prompted the renewed attacks.

They posit that the group had sometime in August expressed readiness to dialogue for peace with the government who had called for it, but their surprise, military troops are still being sent down to continuously harass and the communities and indegenes of the Niger Delta.

This statement by the spokesperson for the Niger Delat militants, Mudoch Agbinibi on Sunday also claimed that Buhari’s administration was not sincere with dialogue.

He warned that, “The path to sustain the cessation of hostilities in the region among fighters and structures cannot be achieved overnight, when there are clear cases of deliberate security surge by the Nigerian government.”

They asked President Buhari to restrain the military from “engaging in acts that are inimical to the process, the people and the communities of the Niger-Delta” to make any peace initiate effective.

Written by Okolo Ezinne

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