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E-Commerce in Nigeria is slowly becoming a force to reckon with.

We must commend the effect of the internet in Nigeria and ultimately the growth of internet shopping.

The internet boom has given rise to a number of reputable e-commerce stores that I personally felt would crumble after a few years of existence. 

A few years ago, it was a rare occurrence to hear of Nigerians purchasing items via an online portal. Nigerian bank cards did not even support such activities.

Fast forward to today, everything has changed. 

As we all know, the foundation of a successful e-commerce industry is built on good infrastructure and although Nigeria & Good infrastructure don’t go hand in hand, we are seeing a change in the virtual world.

Instagram shopping is another craze which has allowed these e-commerce stores to grow beyond their wildest dreams.  

Some of my favourite stores are as follows:


–    Asos

–   Amazon

–  Aliexpress 


–      Garmspot(Garmspot pop up stores occur at specific time in the month but the b=brand is predominantly an online portal)

–       Jiji.ng

–       Konga

–     Ochulo

–       Jumia

–       Deal Dey

Is the economy supportive?

 The founder of online store, Gloo.ng, Olumide Olusanya claimed  that recession, poor purchasing power and logistics challenges led to the shutdown of his platform. Another online discount store;

DEAL DEY had no choice but to close down due to similar reasons. 

But now that the pandemic has caused brick and mortar stores to shut down for the foreseeable, let’s look at the pros of e-commerce. 

Pros for e-commerce


Corona Virus effects; Let’s not act like the lockdown and the consistent pandemic has not made us more keen on shopping online.

–       Convenience, For a homebody like me, the fact that I can shop from the comfort

of my home is a dream. no long crowds, cashier lineups, etc.

–       Lower cost of over head for retailers (no need to buy land, build or rent)

–   Being able to shop 24/7; I can turn on my laptop at 3am and Prettylittlething will be waiting for me… calling out to me. 

–   Saving money – online shopping allows us to compare pricing and find the best possible deals all at the same time, I can scour through for the longest time ever 

–   Say goodbye to parking issues, omonile parking harrassment and transportation fees to and from the store. 

–   Time saving – if you plan on going to multiple stores this could be time-consuming. Say hello to time-saving and multiple tabs being opened on your device.


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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