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Ever thought of what food your boyfriend would be if he was a Nigerian meal? Well we have matched food items to various male personalities and tried to figure out what guys would be like if they were food:

INDOMIE- He is your quickie hook up who lives down the street and shows up right on time when you really need to get down. You are good friends with him but sometimes he tries to take things to the next level.
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You are definitely not interested.

RICE- He is potential husband material. Your regular ride or die type of guy. He’s got your back always and you’re both deeply in love with each other. Sometimes you fight and throw tantrums at each other and all but it doesn’t last long because you both always find your way back to each other.

SWALLOW- He is your high school sweetheart and your mamma has a soft spot for him and still asks you how he is doing. When you’ve had it rough, you still call him for emotional support because you’re sure he’ll be there for you. After trying out other types of guys, you always go back to him in the end.

BEANS- A drunken hook up you took home with you after a night of ratchetness who you never knew would be so great. You always forget about him- until you’re very desperate and remember his complimentary card tucked away somewhere in your purse.

SPAGHETTI JOLLOF- The funky rich college boyfriend who has a car and has everything going for him. He dazzles with fancy gifts and shows you off to all his rich friends too. While you enjoy being treated like a trophy, you want something much more real.

YAM- He’s older and more successful than any other guy you’ve dated but it can’t ever be anything too serious because you must admit, he intimidates you a little bit.

OFADA SAUCE- Bad boy to the core and you’ve said ‘enough’ to him many times but you always find you way back. Some of your friends like him and some simply don’t understand what is so special about him. He makes everything much more exciting and intoxicatingly delicious but you wake up the next day in pain. You know he’ll hurt you but can’t bring yourself to stop.

AKAMU- You would never admit to hooking up with him because he’s SO not your type and not traditionally attractive. He’s your dirty secret and if your friends found out you’d be pretty embarrassed.

AGEGE BREAD- Not a boyfriend- he is your very best friend. Always there when you need him to comfort you, especially during a breakup.

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