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In the statement signed by the Executive Director of the Nigerian Law School, Olanrewaju Anadeko, 17.8 % of law students who sat for the August/September examination failed and will not be called to the Nigerian Bar in the Call To Bar ceremony that is to hold in November, 2016.
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The record shows that 5,517 students sat for the exam, 980 failed, 4,178 passed without conditions while 359 students had conditional pass.

The law school exam is generally dreaded for being very demanding.

It is mostly referred to by law students as a spiritual exam and one needs to be very prayerful about it.

It is the bridge that every law student must cross to attain a professional qualification in the field. All requirements provided by the Legal practitioners Act and other requirements by the Council of Legal Education and the Body of Benchers must be met.

call-to-the-bar law sachool

Persons who are qualified in every way required, are considered FIT and PROPER!

Kudos! to our new-wigs- in-waiting. The sky is your stepping stone to greater heights.

Source: Premium Times

Written by Okolo Ezinne

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