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On the proposed concession of some major rail lines, the employees of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) under their union, Nigerian Union of Railway Workers and their Senior Staff Association (SSA), have said that they are in agreement with the proposal for concession of the NRC’s asset, as proposed but, they have other grievances which the Federal Government (FG) should address before embarking on the concession.

They made the endorsement in Lagos on wednesday, and stated that, since it is believed that, the concession would make the sub-sector a true hub of the Nigerian transportation system, then they would support the plan.

However, they demanded that the FG  should first settle all labour issues. They specified that the FG has not paid a negotiated severance package to their workers, and demanded that the payment be made before full hand over to the concessionaire.
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They warned that they are vehemently opposed to what they described as ”Wholesale Transfer” of the workers liabilities to the would-be concessionaire.

The NUR secretray General, Mr. Esan Segun, stated that up to 10,000 of its workers would be affected, therefore, they are also demanding that the concession be made transparent and should be done with due diligence.
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He also stated that they would wat the FG to dialogue with the workers.

He further stated that if all their demands are met, the workers would not antagonise the process.

It should be noted that the senate had on tuesday called for a probe of the plans of the concession, which agreement on same, is to be signed before January 2017.

Written by Okolo Ezinne

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