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Have you seen these Kicks called Keex? They come fresh as more proof that Naija folks are not here to play or sit idly by and let the international brands take over the world.

keex shoes

Keex shoes which are founded by Jide Ipaye are trendy and hip footwear designed with the themes of black pride, power and African Heritage.

I mean peep this Fela inspired art sample.


The birth of Keex is actually a sweet story. Jide Ipaye is a techie dude who studied Microbiology but is crazy about shoes. But as he grew bigger his size 48 started becoming a problem to find, and so he figured…”abeg i go begin dey make my own shoes” And today….he is getting featured on CNN. yes for real, he was. Take a look

For more about the origin story, check out Jide telling it all by himself. And if you need to cop a pair of Keexs too, head over to www.keexs.com and start shopping.

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