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You can’t live in Nigeria and at some point never have to purchase street snacks.. No matter how Posh you are.

Nigerians love street food as they usually are delicious and easy to buy/consume on the go.

So we where thinking about just this and decided to come up with a list of the most popular street food you should be definitely trying out:

– Suya.
suya hut chow

There is no state in Nigeria whose street corners are not lit up at night with suya sellers. Suya is lean beef that is spiced and roasted. It is mostly sold by men from Northern Nigeria and has garnishes like onions, pepper, tomatoes and cabbage. Naija folk love to Chow this down on a night out.

– Akara.

akara naija chowAlso known as bean cake, is a mixture of grounded beans, pepper, seasoning, and onions that is deep fried in oil. It is mostly paired with pap or bread as sandwich.

– Moi-Moi.

moi-moi chowThis bean pudding is made with the same ingredient as Akara but it is steamed and not fried. Moi- moi is very tasty and apart from being a street food is a popular side dish in Nigeria.

– Puff-Puff.

puff puff chowAnyone who did their primary education in Nigeria understands how important this snack was to our lives. Puff-puff is a delicious fluffy snack made with flour, sugar, yeast and milk.

– Abacha.

abacha greennews chowPopularly known as African salad, Abacha is boiled cassava, shredded together with a tasty sauce of palm oil and accompaniments of fish, cow skin, pepper, garden egg, onions, garden egg etc.

– Bole and fish.

bole and fish kitchenbutterfly chowThis one is mostly sold as an afternoon dish. Bole is roasted plantain, and is paired pepper sauce and fish. Western Nigerian states prefer to eat the roasted plantain with roasted groundnuts.

– Ewa agoyin and Agege Bread.

agoyin-beans-and-bread-naija chowThese two go hand in hand like husband and wife, as most people enjoy pairing them. Ewa agoyin is plain cooked beans and spicy stew, while Agege bread is unsliced local bread that dominates the streets of Lagos.

There are so many more popular Nigerian street chow, you just have to tune in next time as we keep the list going.

Which ones are your faves and what should not be left out of part 2?

Written by Treasure Asanammy

Image credit: KitchenButterfly, GreenNews, SuyaHut

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