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So we started the list of the most popular street food/snacks you should be definitely trying out in Naija. Let’s keep it going..

If you find yourself in Nigria and are on the move, but you need a quick snack. Just check out previous list here and be sure to enjoy these listed below:

– Roasted or Boiled Corn.

Roasted-and-Boiled-Corn snacks Corn or maize is a seasonal food that takes over the street when in season. It can be enjoyed either roasted or boiled, and is most times sold with coconut or local pear.

– Gala and La Casera.

Gala And Lacasera snacksThis street snack is so popular that it has been jokingly given the tagline “saving Nigerian lives since 1900”. Gala is basically a packaged sausage roll and La Casera is a carbonated soft drink. Every traffic jam in Nigeria is a hotspot for Gala and La Casera sellers and buyers.

– Plantain Chips.

Plantain chips snacksThis crunchy goodness is thin sliced of plantain that is fried and enjoyed ripe or unripe.

– Kuli Kuli.

kulikuli snacksMade from grounded peanut, this snack is very tasty and can be found in abundance in Northern Nigeria.

– Boiled Groundnut.

boiled peanuts groundnut

Also called boiled peanuts. These are a favourite all around Nigeria, as nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of cracking open the slightly salted and boiled peanuts from its shell.

– Okpa.

okpa snacksMade with Bambara nut flour, this pudding is a street snack that is very filling in the stomach and eaten all over Nigerian especially in the eastern region.

– Kokoro.

KULI-KULI snacksKokoro is made from maize flour, sugar and either cassava or yam flour and deep fried.

This list could really go on for a while, love snacks? Then keep your eyes on AccelerateTV.com for part 3!

Written by Treasure Asanamm

Image credit: ihypeihype’s Blog

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