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A Nigerian by the name Chijioke Stephen Obioha who was caught on the 9th April, 2007 in Singapore having in his possession, cannabis weighing more than 2.6kg.

The weight of the drugs found out on him, surpasses the 500 grams which Singapore law prescribes to translate to trafficking. He was also said to have been found with keys to a room in which additional prohibited substances were found. Singapore authorities presumed him guilty of of possession and knowledge of the drugs.


He was consequently convicted of the offence on December 30th, 2008. He appealed against the conviction but it was rejected in August 2010. Thereafter, he appealed for clemency which was rejected in April 2015 and the 15th day of May was set as the date of execution.

He applied for a stay on the execution in order to make another application for re sentencing.

It was reported that his family was only informed that he had decided to withdraw his application for re sentencing as he had been advised that his case would not qualify as ”courier” under the amended laws. His withdrawal automatically lifted his application for a ‘Stay of execution’ and a date for his execution was again set to November 18, 2016.

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