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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

Can Nike keep snapchat Alive??

Nike teamed up with Snap and Dark Store to Pre-lease Air Jordan III Tinker Shoes on Snapchat, thereby making history as the first brand to sell a product directly on Snapchat.

ike air jordan

Nike’s Jordan brand, Darkstore and Shopify teamed up in Collaboration of epic proportion to pre-release the Air Jordan III “Tinker” on Snapchat with same-day delivery on the 18th of February after the NBA All-Star game. This is the first time a brand other than snap has sold a product via Snapchat.

During a NIKE-Hosted concert after last weekend’s NBA All-star game in Los Angeles, guest could use their snap chat cameras to scan a special code that enabled them to view and buy the new Air Jordan III “Tinker” sneaker without leaving the app. The collaboration, A first for both Nike and Snapchat, may signal a move into e-commerce that could help the social platform reverse its waning popularity.

The thousands who attended the Jumpman All-Star after-party in Los Angeles were able to scan exclusive snap codes to receive the shoes by 10:30pm that same day. Once they scanned the snap code, they were brought into the Snapchat app, where they could then purchase the sneakers.

Within 23 minutes, all the shoes sold, out, Dark stores CEO Lee Hnetinka said in a statement, Darkstore, a startup that aims to become an “invisible retailer,” facilitated the deliveries.

“This is the Holy Grail of the experience (Nike is) trying to intend, which is direct to consumer – to the actual consumer, versus a bot, – and same day delivery,” Hnetinka said. “The Snap code introduces a new paradigm for commerce.”

The official release for the shoe isn’t until March 24, but Nike wanted to do something extra special in Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s slam dunk in 1988. That dunk is often refreered to as the moment when Jordan “took flight.”

This isn’t Nike’s first time selling shoes via app-based experiences. Last June, Nike’s release for the SB Dunk High “Momofuku” required people to go to a momofuku restaurant, or to the Momofuku website, and then point their camera at the menu in order to see a sneaker pop up in augmented  reality. From there, snakeheads could purchase the shoes. Similar to what Nike is doing with snap chat, you have to physically, or virtually, be somewhere in order to buy a pair.

This collaboration also marks Snap’s most aggressive move into the in-app e-commerce game. Snap launched the Snap Store within the Snapchat app’s Discover section earlier this month to sell the Dancing Hot Dog Plushie, Snapchat wink face sweatshirt and other snap related products.

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