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Nike recently released an advert to condemn racism and interesting enough that advert us sure to stick in everyone’s memory.


24 hours ago, the sportswear conglomerate took to social media to unveil

the Don’t Do It Advert.

Read on for a summary of the message sent via the advert

-Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America

-Don’t Turn your back on racism

-Don’t Accept innocent lived being taken away from us

-Don’t make my more excuses

-Don’t think this doesn’t affect you

-Don’t sit back and be silent

This advert received different reactions; some reposted it to push out to  those who need to hear this

Others rejected Nike’s advances calling it fake, phoney and just another means of getting their sales at an all-time high.

Regardless of what motivated the conglomerate to do this, I am going to need Nike to say this a lot louder for the racists in the back who desperately need to hear this and have vehemently refused to accept it from the lips of black persons.

A growing list of other brands and retailers have also condemned racism in the wake of growing national unrest due to George Floyd’s untimely death and permit me to say manslaughter.

Some of these brands include;

Adidas; they put their friendly footwear feud aside and reposted Nike’s advert to ensure their own followers got the message as well.

New Balance  is another footwear brand using their platform to shame racism,

the brand took to Instagram with a heartfelt post;

Reebok, Fila& Puma are hot on Nike’s heels. They’ve gone one step further by committing to put their dollars toward fighting racial injustice.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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