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Nike has filed a lawsuit against MSCHF, the art collective that designed Lil Nas X’s “Satan shoes“, which went on sale yesterday, Monday, March 29th

Lil Nas X’s limited-edition satanic-themed Air Max 97 shoes sold out in under a minute and may contain actual human blood according to him. The shoes however weren’t authorized by Nike, according to a suit filed Monday in New York federal court.lil nas x satan shoe

Nike said the “Satan shoe” was made without the company’s “approval or authorization.” It adds that the shoe is “likely to cause confusion and dilution and create an erroneous association between MSCHF’s products and Nike,” and that the shoe has already caused “significant harm to [Nike’s] goodwill, including among consumers who believe that Nike is endorsing satanism.”

Nike is suing MSCHF for trademark infringement and dilution and unfair competition. It’s seeking compensatory, statutory and punitive damages, plus disgorgement of profits in an amount to be determined and is asking the court to order that the shoes and all marketing materials be turned over to Nike for destruction.

MSCHF hasn’t yet commented on the suit, but Lil Nas X, who isn’t being sued, tweeted about it Monday afternoon using a SpongeBob SquarePants clip.

Lil Nas X released the shoe with MSCHF as a tie-in to his Satanic-themed music video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” The shoes, which are being sold in a limited-edition of 666 pairs, include a pentagram design, an inverted cross, a reference to Luke 10:18 (“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”), and actual human blood mixed into the red ink of the soles. The shoes are being sold at $1018 a pair, again in reference to the Bible verse.

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