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All Eyez On Me director, Benny Boom, in a recent interview revealed that Nipsey Hussle was originally meant to play Snoop Dogg in the biopic. During an interview with TooFab, Benny said:

“Nipsey was supposed to play Snoop, we wanted him to play Snoop in All Eyez On Me… We didn’t have any other person that we wanted to play him.” But, Nipsey’s busy schedule prevented him from having the necessary amount of time for the role.

“It’s crazy because I didn’t realize, as much as I knew Nipsey — I didn’t realize how much he was driving things in his community,” Boom explained. “And to take him out of L.A. for that amount of time that we needed to come to Atlanta where we shot, would’ve just threw him off his square a little bit. Just the timing didn’t work out.”

Boom also went on to reveal that before he was killed Nipsey was tapped to play a major role in the CW’s hit series All American.

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