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Forbes released its Top Earning Dead Celebrities of 2019 list and it turns out Michael Jackson brought in the most money. Late icons Nipsey Hussle, Bob Marley, Prince, and more made the list, but Jackson’s earnings of $60 million between October 2018 and October 2019 solidified his spot at no. 1.nipsey hissleMeasuring the period between October 2018 and October 2019, Michael Jackson lands at No. 1 on the financial magazine’s list, raking in $60 million in pretax income. This is the seventh consecutive year the King of Pop has earned the top spot.

Other notable names include Nipsey Hussle and XXXTentacion. Since he maintained the rights to his masters and accumulated 2 billion streams during the year-long period, Hussle was able to earn $11 million to round out the top 10. XXXTentacion was a spot behind coming in at number 11, raking in $10 million.

Prince’s estate also made the list, earning $12 million and placing ninth the same week as the release of his memoir, The Beautiful One.

See the full top posthumous earners list below

  • Michael Jackson $60 million
  • Elvis Presley $39 million
  • Charles Schulz $38 million
  • Arnold Palmer $30 million
  • Bob Marley $20 million
  • Dr. Seuss $19 million
  • John Lennon $14 million
  • Marilyn Monroe $13 million
  • Prince $12 million
  • Nipsey Hussle $11 million
  • XXXTentacion $10 million

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