According to TMZ, Eric Holder has been indicted by the grand jury and new charges have added to the already existing ones he has been accused of. The L.A. County District Attorney had previously charged Holder with 4 crimes, including premeditated murder.
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The grand jury is said to have revisited the case and has decided to add more charges to the four previous charges.

nipsey hussle

The new charges added to the lawsuit are 2 counts of assault with a firearm for the victims who did not die.

It would be recalled that Eric Holder was arrested a few days after he was alleged to have murdered Nipsey Hussle. He was then charged for murder by the Los Angeles Police Department and a bail bond was set at $7M. Eric Holder is also been accused of shooting Kerry Lathan and Shermi Cervabta Villanueva.

Kerry Lathan is to have just gotten out of jail and was visiting Nipsey Hussle who wanted to give him new clothes.

By: Dammy Eneli

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