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The House of Senate had on Tuesday passed a motion to reintroduce toll gates on federal roads in the country. The alleged reason being that, the revenue is needed to construct and maintain the roads for usage.

However, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), has posed strong counter arguments to this proposed bill.

Mr. Peter Ozo-Eson, the NLC General Secretary, who spoke on behalf of its members on Thursday, in Abuja, stated that, to introduce toll gates again after it had been abolished by a former administration, most especially, in this time when people are facing untold hardship due to the economic situation, is excessively disturbing and suspicious.

He maintained that, in the past, the revenue generated was never remitted for usage for the right needs, but rather used to satisfy the selfish interests of a particular set of greedy people.

He however stated that, “Unless we are able to put in place a mechanism that will ensure that the revenues from the tolls are used for the development and maintenance of the roads, any attempts to bring the toll gates will again be a failure.”

Source: Premium Times

Written by Okolo Ezinne.

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