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By Halima Bakenne

I used to wonder over and over again why most organizations have the “no fraternization among workers” policy, which rules against office romance. I mean, Rihanna did sing about finding love in the strangest places right? As much fun as working in the same environment with your spouse can be, things can go south really fast. Here’s why:

Office romance


I used to watch this TV series “GLEE” and I remember there was  a particular episode where two characters, Teri  and  Will, who were partners and working together would get  home and things would be awkward  between  them because they’ve  got  nothing  to  talk  about!  This is a very possible scenario. Everything you are supposed to gist your partner at the end of the day is out  the  window  because  whatever  you want to say is  probably  not news  to  the  other  person; gradually creating a void in communication.


We all know that sometimes people flirt harmlessly in the office. What a lot of us don’t realize however is that what we think is harmless can be interpreted as disrespect by our partners. It is easier to have a faraway  thought  as  to  what  your  other  half  might be  doing  at  work  and with whom,  than to actually live it every day. Office romance does not help in this situation.


Imagine that you work with your significant other and there is an unsettled issue hanging between you. It might end up affecting your work performance for that day because the object of your anger/hurt shares the same office space with you. This  could  also  happen  to  couples  working  at  different  places  but  it’s  just  harder  for  those  at  the  same  workplace.

When you are in the same environment with your loved one but can’t touch or see them as much as you’d want to does not help you focus at work either.


In case of a rift between you and another co-worker,  you  automatically expect your spouse to take your side whether or not you’re the guilty party.When they don’t favor you? Another wahala.


In the  event  of  a  breakup,  it  takes  a  longer  period  for  both  parties  to  heal  compared  to those  couples  that  don’t  have  to  see  each  other  every  blessed  day.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t embrace love wherever you find it,  but the saying “don’t mix business with  pleasure” is  for a very good reason.

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