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Women often view their hair as a crown of beauty? But if you think about, who hair don epp!? We feature five refreshingly beautiful celebrities home and abroad who have at one time or the other spotted a beautiful bald head. They make us fall in love over and over again with their ridiculously low-cut hair.

My hair goals for 2017 are already set with this trend.

  1. Solange Knowles


Queen B’s little sis is sure an inspiration for us. Apart from her musical prowess, she casts a magical spell on low hair lovers.


  1. Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita is setting the standards high for fashion lovers’ home and abroad with her eccentric looks on red carpet. She is also an inspiration for us.


  1. Amber Rose


Who will mention bald, and not attach Amber Rose to the list. She is our No. 1 bald crush. As Olamide would put it, she is the bad, baddo, baddest of baldness.


  1. Danai Gurira



This Zimbabwean star is known to wear a long dread locked wig, but in real life she has a beautiful low cut hair. Her look? Super-duper beautiful.


  1. Faithia Balogun


This light skinned actress, film-maker, producer and director wowed everyone when she took of the hair and replaced it with a naked head. Just when the noise on going bald in Nigeria had gone hush, she made her move. Her style is still an inspiration to us.


Image: Getty

Written by Odinekachukwu Ishicheli


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