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By Sarah Oyedo

North west, at the tender age of five, has delved into modelling.

kris jenner and kim kardashian and north west

Three generations of the Kardashian family has just been featured in Fendi’s  #Me&MyPeekaBoo campaign; Kim Kardashian West, North West and her Grandmother Kris Jenner. The campaign is in honor of the 10th anniversary launch of the brand’s iconic Peekaboo bag.

In the commercial that was released, Kim, North, and Kris are seen trotting in a meadow of tall grass as Kanye West’s 808s and heartbreak hit “Love Lockdown” plays in the background. Fendi opted for a more natural shot, posing the ladies in more candid photos that capture the intimate and personal side of the family.

kris jenner and kim kardashian

The music of Kanye West guides the narration and, one episode after another, in a crescendo of emotions, Fendi reveals the deep, intimate and familiar bond between the protagonists.

Chief executive officer Serge Brunschwig while speaking on the campaign said:

“We wanted to show the most genuine and authentic aspect that is behind the people we collaborate with, and the complicity between the women of the family. We have chosen to collaborate with family-related members that have been relevant in general, as well as known as a family, from the more controversial ones, who more and more express a courageous point of view and they have a vision, to more unexpected and unexplored ones. You know that at Fendi we love to dare and surprise.”

kris jenner and kim kardashian

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