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Based in the UK with a legion of fashion forward fans across the globe, Fisayo Longe seems to have managed to successfully galvanize her Nigerian fan base with a meet-and-greet and her first pop-up for her brand KAI, KAI Collective. The pop-up which spanned, December 23rd and 24th consecutively in the suburbs of Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria entertained several partner brands namely Matte Apothecary ; the natural beauty line, confectionary and drink connoisseurs, Whatdamidid and Kiniyidun and Lahanna, an accessory label.



Fisayo, 24, draws inspiration from travelling around the world. She is seen as one of Nigeria and the UK’s finest travel and style bloggers. With such achievements under her belt, Fisayo’s fans are ever enthusiastic to her flirty, chic, and figure flattering outfits, making it safer for the blogger and stylist to be the creative force behind her brand.

The label which launched middle part of last year is primarily based online and has been gaining traction with her 2,983 thousand Instagram followers. The brand is aimed at providing ‘Affordable Clothing with Luxury Aesthetics’ for the modern woman as stated in its Instagram bio. Everything at the popup rack is sized from size 6 to 10 (UK), and priced between 20,000-25,000 Naira – which is a decent conversion from her online retail prices tagged in pounds.


Below is an interview with the blogger and minted style icon:

What exactly is the meaning of KAI And what does it represent?

It has different meanings that’s why I chose the name. It means keeper of the keys, victory, king of kings, and of course as a Nigerian it means ‘Wow’ so essentially a positive and negative connotation to the word ‘KAI’. It also means unbreakable, loveable, strong – I just love the symbolism of everything it means.

It just represents clothes that make women feel confident, and that’s why I made it. I’m all about women owning their femininity, feeling confident and sexy, as well as strong.



Who is the ideal KAI woman?  

Every woman who is confident and sexy; being whatever one wants to be. I don’t think women should be ruled neither should they be put in boxes. I’m up for people being their true self and owning their true identity no matter how quirky they are.

What made you decide on organizing KAI’s first pop-up in Nigeria? Because it’s home or…?

Yes because it’s home, and in the long run, KAI is for Africa, and it just made sense for the pop-up to be in Nigeria.

Future plans for the brand? Collabs and more pop-ups?

We would eventually have retail stores, eventually but for now we are online and ship worldwide. They’re no plans for pop-ups in advance, so for now it’s just the website.

Who embodies KAI? And who would KAI love to collaborate with?

Some people who embody KAI are also men. They embody the KAI values; being free spirited and owing oneself.

Cool individuals on the internet, who I like their creatives, not necessarily a celebrity, but people who I like their aesthetics and vision and I’m interested in them as people.

Everyone seems to be sticking with the Fashion Calendar these days – A/W, S/S, resort/cruise, pre-fall and capsule collections. Is KAI going to be taking the same approach?

It would be a mix of both adopting the fashion calendar style, and having just summer and autumn collections, because as a small brand it makes no sense to release six collections a year. It’s a baby collection, as this year we had to skip Autumn/Winter but next year we would definitely feature Spring/Summer (SS) 17.

The brand already seems to be making real impact on female consumers and is perfect for wearing your feminism on your sleeve – or your skirts and pants.



And with such a fashionable future in sight, it is ‘Good luck KAI, Good luck Fisayo.’


By Merhdor-Attah

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