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Nipsey Hussle’s business partner, Herman Douglas has spoken out since the death of the rapper. He described the circumstances before the rapper was shot right in front of his office in LA. Herman had been having a conversation with right in the parking lot when the shooting happened.

herman douglas on Nipsey Hussle's shooting

Herman said he knows the person that shot Nipsey, noting that it was done out of pure jealous, envy and hatred.

He also revealed that himself and Nipsey had just purchased he building that their office was in and had bigger plans.

Nipsey and Herman had been partners for about 16 years, he said.

He said:

“Nipsey was doing positive things in the community and trying to save lives and for one of the people that he was trying to save to come back and kill him, it was nothing but jealousy and envy. So its a sad situation. The world is going to miss Nipsey.

“We just purchased the building. Me and Nipsey was talking. The dude that shot him, he shook our hands, and said he was a rapper and all that bullshit, He went and got his burger. When he left, I took my food inside the building and the dude came back around the building so I might have left Nipsey’s side, maybe 3 seconds, and the dude came and shot him. We know who he is, it is no mystery. It is all hate, jealousy and envy. Nipsey didn’t deserve to die like that.”

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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