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It’s reported that the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, has revealed it’s plans to sue media organisations at the Industrial Arbitration Court for defaulting in the payment of their workers.

The Chairman, Lagos council of the union, Deji Elumoye, made this known in an interview in Lagos on Tuesday. Mr. Elumoye said “Non-payment of salaries of journalists is a serious issue and we are not taking it lightly with the affected organisations.

“We have been picketing some defaulting media houses. While some have been responding well, others have not shown sincerity in our engagements with them.

“For God`s sake, why would you continue to owe journalists who traverse everywhere to get the stories that sustain your organisation?

“We understand that some are facing precarious financial situation. We are holding talks with them. But some have no excuses for not paying their workers; we are not going to spare them.

“In fact, we have almost concluded plans to take three defaulting media houses to the Industrial Arbitration Court over the issue. As soon as the court papers are ready, they will get them,” he said.

Mr. Elumoye urged media houses to promptly pay the salaries in order to motivate the journalists to add more value to their organisations.


Written by Okolo Ezinne