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On this new amazing episode of Off The Menu, legendary singer,  Tuface, joins Soliat in the kitchen to cook some yam and beans.  If you’d like to try this out in your kitchen, check out the recipe below:

off the menu


-3 cigar cups (approx. 750g) brown/black-eyed beans

-Red palm oil (enough to color)

-1 medium onion

-Pepper & Salt (to taste)

-1 big stock cube

-500g Yam


yam and beans

1. Put the beans in a pot and pour water up to the level of the beans and start cooking.

2. Cook till tender, adding more water from time to time, if necessary. Always keep the water at the same level as the beans so that when the beans is done, you will not have too much water in the porridge.

3. When the beans porridge is soft, add the onions, crayfish (if using it), pepper, and seasoning.

4. Add the red palm oil, salt to taste and cook for more 5 minutes on medium heat.

5. Turn off the heat, add the baby corn (if you have chosen to use it), leave to stand for 5 minutes, and turn the porridge with a wooden spoon.


By: Dammy Eneli

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