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On this episode of Off the Menu, celebrity Chef Gbubemi Fregene aka Chef Fregz joins Soliat in the kitchen to make Fish tacos. If you want to know how to make it we’ve made it easy for you and gathered the steps and ingredients below.


Fish fillet- Red snapper




Powdered chilli

Ground pepper



Maggie cube

Green Pepper (rodo)



Soft tortillas

How to Make Pineapple Salsa

  • Take a piece of tomato and cut it into small cubes. (If you’re like Fregz then leave out the juice).
  • Do the same thing with the green peppers, and onions.
  • Pour all ingredients into a bowl and stir.
  • Squeeze some lemon juice inside the bowl. Do this through your fingers like Chef Fregz to catch the seeds.
  • Put in a pinch of salt and black pepper. Take the parsley and chop it. Sprinkle it into the bowl as well and stir.
  • Add some olive oil to it.
  • Take your whole pineapple and cut it in half. The more ripe, the better. Cut the pineapple skin till nothing is left.


  • Slice open the Red snapper from the back. Make sure to cut against the bone so you can separate it from the flesh. Make sure to completely de-bone the red snapper. Use a spoon to get all the bits of flesh out.
  • Make the pineapple salsa.
  • Get a bowl of flour. Season it with some salt and black pepper. Sprinkle in the crushed Maggie cube.
  • Get out the de-boned red snapper and cut it in smaller sizes. Season the fish with salt and crushed maggie cube. Coat the fish in flour.
  • Get three green peppers, and place them directly on the stove (no pot or pan) and let the fire cook them.
  • Get a pot of oil and fill it halfway. Heat the oil at medium high. When it gets hot place the fish inside. Once fried to a golden brown take it out.
  • Thinly slice the green peppers (make sure you take the burnt parts off), place them in a bowl, and add mayonnaise. Get your tortilla ready! Carve small circles in your tortillas.
  • Place the fried fish, your mayonnaise mix and salsa in your tortillas. And there you have it, some spicy fish taco.

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