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Although office romance is not advisable, co-workers are actually dating each other. What they usually do is to make it discreet. In other words, they won’t allow their co-workers suspect that they are actually dating.


office romance

Btw, this is now how to keep it a secret


This is not a problem. You can keep your office romance a secret. But what will happen if you break up? If you don’t handle it properly, it will snowball into something unpalatable. This can eventually affect your overall office performance. Therefore, it is important to manage your office romance without it blowing up. Here’s what to do:

  1. Concentrate on work

The best way to overcome a breakup is to do something you love in order to get your mind off it. In this case, it is your job. Bury yourself in your work and be professional, because both of you are no longer emotionally attached.

2. Don’t attempt to get revenge

What you should be concerned about is how to heal and get over the heartbreak rather than revenge. Hence, no matter how messy the breakup may have been, you should not revenge. It is not worth it.


office romance


3. Reduce contact

A heartbreak is more difficult to get over if you see your ex every day. It can be unpleasant and this may fuel your anger towards the person. If you are not working directly with your ex, your contact should be minimal.

4. Keep the details to yourself

You won’t like to further lubricate the rumour machine after your breakup by telling your friends about what led to the collapse of your office relationship. In as much as you will be tempted to disclose the details, do not. The tales of your breakup may no longer be news. What your friends will just be looking is to get the elaborate story. Don’t give them that satisfaction.


office romance 2


5. Don’t use the breakup as an excuse for poor work

It is highly possible that your split up may affect your performance. Nevertheless, you should not use it as an excuse. It is a lame excuse and your line manager or boss will never accept such an excuse.

6. Consider quitting

If you cannot bear seeing your ex every day, you can request a transfer or consider quitting. It will make the healing process easier.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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