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By Damilola Faustino

Offset has been formally served with DNA papers after a woman, Celina Powell named him as the father of her baby daughter. The result is expected in roughly a week.


On how Offset was served the DNA papers, Powell explained that Offset was recently near her home in Colorado for a concert. After discovering the Atlanta musician would be in town for a show, she pretended to be the promoter in order to find out when Offset would be arriving at the venue.

Her words: “I acted like I was the promoter and called up Danny [Zook] on his team to find out when they will be at the venue and Danny’s stupid ass really believed me and told me when they were five minutes away … they were like rushing and the sheriff just gave him the papers and he threw them and kept walking. Some guy I don’t know picked them up and walked in.”

Powell also claimed that Offset was “shook” upon being served.

This may not be good for Offset, who is expecting a baby with Cardi B whom he has already engaged!

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