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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Vaseline, commonly known as petroleum jelly is a multipurpose cheap product. The affordable drugstore staple has been around for 150 years. Vaseline is basically used as body cream by many but it serves more than that purpose. Not only does it serve as body cream there are many uses for it and half of its uses are beauty related. Here are some beauty tips using Vaseline.
petroleum jelly

  1. Makes Eyelashes long and thick:

You don’t even need mascara to get lush lashes. Apply a little Vaseline to your lash line for a shiny, voluminous look, it is known to make your lashes grow longer and thicker.

  1. Soothes dry heels:

Summer sandals plus the sun and sand can make the skin on your feet super dry and flakey. Spread Vaseline on your feet before you go to bed, and cover with fuzzy socks. You’ll wake up with soft skin that will look and feel like you got a pedicure.

  1. Remove eyelash glue:

Rocking faux-lashes for a big event? It can be tricky to get them off without pulling out your natural lashes, too. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your lash-line and the falsies will come off much easier.

  1. Perfect your manicure:

Line your nails with Vaseline before you paint them. The jelly will keep polish from spreading outside your nail.

  1. Make your own cream blusher:

Make a cream blusher by mixing lipstick with Vaseline and apply it on your cheeks for a glow.

  1. Soft Cuticles:

Use Vaseline to make your nail cuticles soft.

  1. Tame Eyebrows.

Use Vaseline to tame eyebrows and bring it in a shape. Keep unruly eyebrows in place by smoothing Vaseline over your arches. They won’t move all day long.

  1. Hide split ends

If your hair looks totally fried, rub a little Vaseline through your ends. You can fake smooth ends until you get a haircut.

  1. Lip Gloss:

Put Vaseline on your chapped lips or use it as a lip gloss. Melt Vaseline in the microwave and add some peppermint essence to make your own flavored lip gloss.

  1. Soft elbows and knees:

If you have dry elbows and knees, applying Vaseline daily can make them soft.

  1. Make up remover:

Use it to remove mascara, lipstick, eyeliners and powder.

  1. Protection against chemicals:

Use it around the hair line to protect against harmful hair dyeing, perming and straighteining chemicals.

  1. Hide split ends:

Use it on hair ends to hide dry hair and split ends.

  1. Lip Exfoliant:

Apply it your lips then scrub with a toothbrush.

  1. Waterproof Eyelashes:

Define eyelashes and make them look glossy and waterproof with Vaseline

  1. Body moisturizer:

Apply Vaseline all over your body, while your body is still damp after bath. It will leave your body soft and smooth.

  1. Long lasting Scent:

Apply Vaseline on your wrist before spraying perfume. It will make the fragrance last longer.

  1. Highlight your eyelids and cheeks :

Using a bit of Vaseline is a super affordable way to get the dewy look when you don’t have highlighter handy. Dab it on your brow bones, lids, or the apples of your cheeks

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