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Since One Direction went on hiatus more than three years ago, fans haven’t lost hope for a potential reunion from the X-Factor alums.

one direction

In October, there was a mini-reunion from Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, but, according to Liam himself, we might get another (and bigger) one this holiday season.

In an interview segment with Capital FM for the yearly Jingle Ball, the “Strip That Down” singer opened up about a potential reunion with his ex-bandmates during Christmas. When asked if he was seeing “any of the other boys,” Liam gave Directioners the ultimate glimmer of hope.

“I spoke to Niall [Horan] the other day. We were both super jet lagged. He texted me at like two in the morning, and I was just wide awake from like midnight to right through the next day,” he told the interviewer. “We spent like four hours on FaceTime. I hadn’t spoken to him in ages. It was actually really, really funny. We had a really good laugh.”

Liam later revealed he’d hope to see the rest of the 1D guys over the holidays. “Everyone’s so busy, it is what it is,” he said, adding, “I obviously saw Louis over the course of X-Factor. I haven’t seen Harry [Styles] in a while now, but I think everybody’s in London at the moment, which is cool, for the first time — this the closest we’ve been for a while.”

Let’s have our fingers crossed and hope for a reunion because like the popular meme says, ‘it’s been 84 years’.

Damilola Faustino
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