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By Damilola Faustino

Ever experienced the hilarious display of a drunk person? Well, they will tell you it is not their fault, blame it on the alcohol! The good old beverage that makes you do silly things. Alcohol can make a shy person the life of the party. Everyone handles their alcohol differently, but if you ignore your filter, you will most likely wake up after a night out having done at least one of the following funny and hilarious things:


Send a text message to your ex

Since you are intoxicated, you are not in control of what you are doing. One of such things is sending a text to your ex. An ex that you have not spoken to in months or years will even be surprised when she sees your text or call.

Make friends with complete strangers

Being drunk can make you do anything including making friends with strangers. You will be forming familiarity with almost everybody at the club.

Get into arguments over literally anything

You will even get into argument with your friends. If you are not careful, you will be thrown out of the party or beaten up.

Sleep in the sewage and pee anywhere

In their eyes, the sewage is a comfy bed where they can sleep. They will confidently get in and sleep. In addition to this, they could unzip their trousers and pee anywhere they like.

Insist you aren’t drunk

Yes, they will forever insist that they are ok and they are not drunk. Do not argue with them. Just agree with them that they are not drunk even though they actually are if you do not want trouble.

Deny all of the above

If there is no evidence of all of the aforementioned, they will deny ever doing it. So, when next any one of your friends is drunk, just ensure that you record it with your smartphone.

Photo Credit: Vectortoons

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