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I woke up this morning to a nice warm cup of coffee by my bedside. My girlfriend knows that I wake up grumpy so she always preemptively strikes while it’s hot. And yes, that pun is intended. That means that while she’s plugged the caffeine jump cable to my brain, she straddles me and rocks me to climax, 7am in the morning before I’ve had a bath.

One Way To Pick A Babe

Now, that all my tension has been released, I can use a free and clear brain to think about work for the day. So I hopped straight into the shower, of course with my good friend Adekunle Gold playing loud, and I screamed out to her all my plans for the day. She’s dedicated. She wrote it all down for me and as soon as I was squeaky clean, we knelt down and prayed together before breakfast.

My babe is Nigerian and I don’t know about you but we’ve got amazing women like this. Now, if you want a piece of my life, let me tell you one simple way to pick your babe.

First of all, before I tell you how to pick a babe, stop hating. My babe is the bomb. She’s mine, not yours. And that’s the point of this whole article, find your own damn babe. Stop trying to steal someone else’s fairytale – someone else’s precious little angel. I know your boys (and girls) tell you about their fabulous adventures and it’s lovely to escape into their realities as your fantasies or escapism route from work; but there’s only one way to find a babe in this unique and very Nigerian nation. In fact, there’s only one way to find a babe world over – be true to yourself.

The truth of the matter is that we are all crazy. Sometimes it was because of some bad experience we had in childhood or sometimes it was because of our parents. But, regardless of where your crazy is from – your crazy is you. Embrace your crazy. What are your addictions and habits? Do you smoke a lot? Do you have a sex and/or love addiction? Can you not shut up? Whatever it is, trust me that someone somewhere in this crazy globalized village finds your crazy attractive. Put out your crazy and like you’ve got on pheromone cream, you’ll attract THAT ONE. or two. OR THREE. for you. *wink!

Written by Aphrodite’s Son

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