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By Damilola Faustino

This is 2018 and we all want to earn a promotion. However, since it is a competitive labour market, there are many people gunning for that promotion. What will stand you out from others and get you the promotion are your skills set. We share some skills that will earn you that much-anticipated promotion:


Take ownership of your current position

When you have the skills to succeed, take ownership of your position to make the company better. These means do whatever it takes to get a task done whether you need to make a customer happy. Your manager notices your attitude as you earn a promotion.

Play with the team

Reach out to others on your team or in other departments to see if they require assistance. Collaboration with teammates stands out because a company is successful when the team works well together. Shoulder more responsibilities if you feel you are ready, and see where that takes you.

Communicate Openly

Don’t be afraid to ask your boss what it takes to earn a promotion. Your manager should outline what you can do to move ahead in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Reopen the conversation when you feel you’ve met those goals.

Earn trust

Your boss should be able to rely on you to arrive at work on time or early every day and get things done on time. Be punctual, act friendly, and take the initiative to move higher in the organization. When your team trusts you, you can become a leader.

Show your work ethic

Work ethic refers to the amount of effort an employee puts into a task on a daily basis. This skill isn’t about getting results or meeting deadlines. It’s about how you carry yourself with integrity during the ordinary grind.

Learn from mistakes

Learning from your mistakes is as important as achieving goals. Did your error lose a valuable client or customer? Take ownership of it, learn what happened, and move past it for next time.

Think outside the box

Creativity when solving a problem goes a long way to earning a promotion. Your manager notices when you come up with a solution that no one else did to get past a difficult problem.

Work hard

If you work hard and display the skills necessary, your supervisor takes note of your initiative, drive and determination. You might have an opportunity for professional development or expand your skills to prove you’re ready for a promotion.

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