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By Alexandra Bazuaye

It was love at first sight for Akin and Osasu. They met during their first year at the University of Benin during clearance and they remained inseparable.


Akin was everything Osasu had dreamed and prayed for. He was caring, dotting, intelligent and was a great partner. His first meeting with her family quickly removed whatever tribal diversity bias they had as they couldn’t help but love Akin. Akin’s family in turn dotted on Osasu, as she was the apple of their eyes. They were definitely a match made in Heaven. So it was a no-brainer when Akin and Osasu decided to get married shortly after their NYSC.

Their wedding graced every social media platform including the likes of Accelerate TV, Bella Naija, and Asoebi Bella. They had a fairy tale wedding and looked forward to beginning marital life together and starting a family. Osasu couldn’t wait to be a mother. She actually wanted twins and Akin fondly referred to her as “Mama ‘Beji”, which means ‘mother of twins’ from the Yoruba language.

Like the expectation of every Nigerian mother, Osasu’s mother came back in 10 months visiting, as Osasu had a beautiful baby. But something didn’t feel right with Osasu. She didn’t love her son and couldn’t stand him.


For the life of her, Osasu never understood what went wrong. She had a peaceful pregnancy and Akin showered her with nothing but love. She was excited and happy all through the nine months, so why the resentment? Breastfeeding was a nightmare and every minute the child suckled, Osasu was filled with rage and hatred for her child.

She wanted to run and leave their son Denrele. She found it hard to sleep, eat or do anything she normally loved doing. This weird behavior heightened at night when the baby would cry non-stop. Thoughts of throwing him against the wall always came to her mind but she felt she would be a termed a bad mother if she did that. But the truth was, Osasu didn’t have feelings for her son.

Now here’s what actually happened…

postpartum depression mother and baby (2)

The thing is, Osasu never knew she was dealing with Postpartum Depression, until her friend Fade came visiting and she opened up to her.

Fade works at Post-Partum Support Network (PSN) Africa, a 2017 ACT Foundation grantee that raises awareness about mood and anxiety disorder amongst mothers in Africa. Through its activities, PSN Africa has been able to educate mothers and have consistently helped mothers get professional help to overcome postpartum depression.

This condition is rarely talked about in our society as it is seen as a taboo or a white woman’s sickness but in reality many African women are battling with this dreadful disorder.

So, if you have a baby and you have been having any unpleasant thoughts about your baby, you are unhappy, moody with recurrent suicidal thoughts, do you know you could be suffering from Postpartum Depression? You can get help by contacting PSN Africa or visit their website here.

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Photo credit: Psychiatry Advisor

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